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Fan Art: Cheese and Maccaroni

Posted this to DA and finally got the energy to whore it over here at LiveJournal. Colored version of marama_tsg's original work Say chees----MACCARONI (spelled as the artist did).

Cross-posted to wonkaslash.

Click for Larger View

Click for Larger View

The story of "Macaroni" is because Willy is wacky, as we all know (only he doesn't think so) and marama_tsg wanted a word that was funny to replace "cheese" and I remembered some teacher I think, doing this. She happily took the idea!

Try saying "macaroni" and you'll realize that you have to smile about 3 times to say the word. And we also know how Willy loves to flash those pearly whites.


Wonka: You know what I look like and I certainly know what I look like, so whaddaya need a picture of me for?

Charlie: Well for when you're busy or I'm at school and...and...

Wonka: *staring inquisitively*

Charlie: (nervous) For times when I miss you.

Wonka: oh. (caught completely off guard) Yes, yes. Right. Th-then b-b-by all means, of course you...um, may take my photograph.

It has been a very long time since there was anyone to "miss" Mr. Wonka. And to be able to miss someone is a form of affection, you can't miss someone that you don't care about.

Wonka: (pause) Er, uh, on one condition.

Charlie: Wot is it?

Wonka: You have to pose with me and I get a copy too. 'Kay?

Charlie: (smiles) Of course.

For times when he misses Charlie naturally (which he's too shy to say). I think they should also send a copy to Dr. Wonka for his 'wall of fame', don't you?

Another reason can be found on the close-up of the artwork if you examine the patterns in their shirts. He, he. I wonder what Willy's underwear might say?


Artist Comments: This is the first time I did an entire piece in only marker. I decided to challenge myself. Brands used were Tombo (water) and Pantone Tria (alcohol), with an accent of humble ball point.

Feel free to check out my Deviant Art page for more insanity.
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