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A Couple of Colorful Photos - tea party anyone? [17 Nov 2007|03:10am]

[ mood | optimistic ]

One of these things doesn't belong.Collapse )

Charlie's not the only lucky kid in the world!Collapse )

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Sweet Spot - Dojinshi Scanlation [14 Nov 2007|09:38pm]

[ mood | rejuvenated & busy ]

My "idol hands" travel far and wide to find gems that hopefully fellow Wonka fans will enjoy but I never found a moment/motivation to do this particular task. Here is the beginning of the Japanese fan comic Sweet Spot in a far easier form to read.

Once again, special thanks to the scanlation goddess marama_tsg. Thanks to pippin_my_ride for original scans.

4 pages: It's very cute, no slash (well, maybe subtle hints ;p).

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Do you remember the time?Collapse )
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Wonka vs. Sparrow - fan comic (translated!) [11 Nov 2007|07:17pm]

[ mood | ^______^ ]

Originally created in Spanish by cristalmermaid at Deviant Art. She's talented and kind, please have a look at her work and say "Hola!" Script, as noted, is by Gabby Barranco.

My sincerest thanks to the goddess marama_tsg for not only translating this upon my request, but also putting it in scanlation form. A heap of love in the name of fandom. I am posting due to her currently poor Internet connection.

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Place Yer Bets!Collapse )
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The Ultimate in Wonka Cosplay...Michael Jackson?! [05 Nov 2007|01:27pm]

[ mood | pleased, crazy laughter ]

For all those who love the idea and a few who hate it, I think word got out to the superstar about comparisons. New images from December's Ebony magazine.

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I hate to say I told ya so, buuut...Collapse )
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Dojinshi Icons by the_wonkamatic! [30 Oct 2007|09:49am]

[ mood | surprised ]

Ahh, proof that (polite) persistent begging pays off - icons from SweetBox, the CatCF dojinshi, originally posted by pippin_my_ride!! I'd still kill for more of that Japanese comic, but I'm grateful to the_wonkamatic for these icons. No hotlinking, please credit.

Check them out and certainly feel free to create some of your own if you wish. wonkaslash & whangdoodles always welcomes graphics in the theme of the film.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The Rest Found Here

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Oh man [20 Oct 2007|11:44pm]


I was playing on neopets. because thats what I do, don't judge me, you don't know me.

anyway. I was listening to random songs and this came up, and I got kind of excited and I made this. and I think it came out REALLY REALLY GOOD.

I think it might be one of the best things I've done in a while.
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Dyslexia-Echopraxia, fan fic [18 Oct 2007|07:06am]

[ mood | tired ]

Title: Dyslexia-Echopraxia
Rating: PG-13 overall
Warnings: darkish, A/U of WWatCF, mild shota/chan
Disclaimer: The following characters are not mine, but the estate of Dahl, Burton, Depp and Highmore.
Special Thanks: To those demented enough to keep believing.
Crossposted: to darksidewonka where the fake cut goes.
Summary: Trapped beneath the lowest layers, how far would you be willing to wander if it made you question your reality? And once crossed, where do the lines lay anymore?

press my button

A brief tale. Conclusion is f-locked.

I got kind of bored. [15 Oct 2007|01:21pm]

and created this

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Orange Juice (Fanfiction!) [03 Oct 2007|08:01pm]

[ mood | satisfied ]

Title- Orange Juice
By- Nina
Rating- G
Disclaimer- Nope, I don't own nuthin' from CatCF. Not Charlie, nor Willy, or any whangdoodles. (Thought I'm quite glad about that last one, they do sound kind of dangerous)
Warnings- Nothing, unless you're like Charlie, and scared of werewolves.
Summary- Some things need preparation before they can be fully put into motion. Charlie first met Willy Wonka when he was five, running out into the night from fear of monsters. A chance meeting ensures their friendship, and the cogs of fate begin to whirl.
A/N- I started this age---es ago, kind of forgot about it, then kind of remembered about it. At any rate, it's done now. Enjoy. 



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who is super excited?

I am.

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I'm A Candyman and I'm OK - prose [17 Sep 2007|08:00am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Title: I’m a Candyman and I’m OK
Characters or Pairings: Wonka/surprise
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: The characters portrayed are not my property but of R. Dahl, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. In fact, I think they own me.
Warning: transvestitism, not that dark (sorry, next time).
Summary: I’ve been curious to address this strange, yet plausible aspect of the film; tackling subjects I find interesting in general. Prose dedicated to Burton’s reference of Ed Wood in the film.
Tunes: 6 song, gender-bender mix .zip format
A/N: Quote by Evita. Title is a reference to Monty Python’s I’m a Lumberjack song. In answer to darksidewonka Prompt Challenge #2 - “cloth”. I encourage others to join the comm & participate in these weekly prompt challenges.

I am my own womanCollapse )

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Just a couple of Cool Kids. [15 Sep 2007|11:29am]

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Home of the Wonka, fan art [13 Sep 2007|06:38am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Willy retires to his spacious living quarters, exhausted from a hard day's work, starved for a little R&R and T.L.C. Fortunately his vigulant staff, along with Charlie, had the idea to install a 50's inspired diner car.

A doodle on my Algebra notes that grew out of control, along with the Wonka-worthy double-entendres. Lay back and enjoy. ;-p

click for larger image.

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A smattering of Wonka Art with a side of Quiz [04 Sep 2007|08:21am]

[ mood | pleased ]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Wonka - good, bad and slantways. More found at Art Jumble.

What side of Willy Wonka's weird and wacky personality are you.Collapse )
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Distance Makes the Heart, chapter sixteen [30 Aug 2007|02:15pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Title: Distance Makes the Heart
Fandom: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Pairing: adult!Charlie/Wonka
Story Rating: NC-17
Chapter Rating: R

Author's Notes: Many thanks to reibish and theidolhands for beta'ing this chapter. Thanks also to everyone who is still taking the time to read this tale.

prologue | chapter one | chapter two | chapter three | chapter four | chapter five | chapter six | chapter seven | chapter eight | chapter nine | chapter ten| chapter eleven | chapter twelve | chapter thirteen, part one | chapter thirteen, part two | chapter fourteen | chapter fifteen

( chapter sixteen - fake cut to my journal )

Wonkawear - Tiptoe through the tulips [26 Aug 2007|10:26am]

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What if Weird Al Yankovic met Willy Wonka? [20 Aug 2007|03:44am]

Only on the Internet would I find someone parodying Weird Al Yankovic, the king of parody. "Wonka's Door" is set to the tune of Al's "Hardware Store" - SoundClick MP3: Nuclear Bubble Wrap (scroll down to song).

It ain't great, but it doesn't claim to be - just amusing. Let me know if you can figure out how to rip it.

Lyrics under cutCollapse )

Or how about Weird Al vs. Violet Beauregard for another odd kick?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory video set to Weird Al's White and Nerdy?
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a music video [05 Aug 2007|03:34am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Up till now I've mostly been a lurker on the comm (not much to contribute) but I finished a music video today that I thought you all might like. It's not to make any poetic statement or's just for fun. Here ya go:
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Koda Kumi - BUT

I recommend that you download and watch the original's very good, and it'll help explain why I chose this song. XD

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Filipino Prison "Thriller" Video [02 Aug 2007|08:27am]


They reminded me of the Oompa-loompas.

I say that with affection.
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In Case Willy Wonka is On Your Airplane... [21 Jul 2007|05:16am]

[ mood | blah ]

Exit immediately!!

Willy Wonka has to go last.Collapse )
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