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Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination...

...living there, you'll be free if you truly wish to be.

The Wonderful Whimsical World of Willy Wonka Fans
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Welcome to the livejournal community dedicated to the worshipping appreciation of Tim Burton's newest project Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which of course stars Johnny Depp as the wacky Willy Wonka.

This is a place for us Wonka fans to post all of our fanworks, including art, icons, fan fiction, manips, wallpapers and what have you. News updates and pictures are also welcome, but please try to keep it Wonka-related! There are many communities dedicated to Johnny Depp as himself or his other wonderful characters, so do not post drawings/fics that have to do with anyone other than Wonka, if you please.

Everyone is welcome to share with us, and anything goes. Any kind of art and fiction will be allowed (yep, from G thru NC-17 will be admitted...just warn us ahead of time before the cut if whatever your posting is above PG-13). Flames are discouraged, however, because that's just not nice ;P Other than that, there are no rules. Have fun :D

Oh, and as sort of a funny little, not-really-to-be-taken-seriously warning: This community has kind of taken a turn...not for the worst, just a turn. Or perhaps a twist would be a better word. Yes. Many of us are twisted, and there seems to be a lot of fiction and art of the Wonka/the kids sort, so ye of many morals be warned. We are an interesting lot, a little crazy, but still quite friendly. If you don't dig that kind of thing, it's okay, we still want you here, and we still would like to see what you have to contribute. That having been said, we hope you will still join us here, and excuse us if we are sometimes a little perverted, uh, nutty. ^_^

Harassment of members will not be tolerated


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